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Nature Relations GmbH & Co. KG was brought to life to produce totally unique anti-ageing creams. These are the points that are important points underlying that process:   

  • Rich, high quality, and complementary active ingredients, for healthy and effective anti-ageing
  • Free from harmful substances and 'fillers' like paraffin or crude oil additives
  • Natural and environmentally friendly: no testing on animals or animal by-products.
  • Elegant design: a sparkly accessory for your bathroom.
  • The best ingredients for an affordable price.

By the way: The ingredients for Avinima creams were selectively chosen so that pregnant woman and vegans can use them with ease.

Nature Relations has high expectations and has worked intensively with specialists and laboratories to produce this unique anti-ageing cream.

'Avinima' anti-ageing cosmetic products were lovingly named after 'Aviana Sophie', the first born daughter of the owner and manager of Nature Relations GmbH & Co. KG.

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