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simple and safe payment options
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Our Guarantee: The best quality for you

Quality standards

Quality is important to us and that is why Avinima skin care and face care products only contain the most valuable ingredients.
cream is distinguished by the best anti-ageing active ingredients from nature; thoroughly tested, free from animal by-products and animal testing.

Seven quality controls are conducted before the Avinima jar is closed. This ensures only the best quality from Nature Relations.

The Avinima pledge of effective and natural anti-ageing for a fair price.

  • Fair prices for high quality and effective anti-ageing creams.
  • Free from animal by-products and therefore perfect for Vegans.
  • The heart of Avinima: a combination of the finest ingredients selected from all over the world and the advanced concentration of these components.

Avinima is unique worldwide and is secret composition: Nature Relations has conducted some extensive research for you! Avinima creams combine the 5 most highly effective ingredients that we could fine: Shea butter, Hyaloronan, Aronia berries, Kigelia Africana and the richest Argan oil. This is what makes it unique in comparison to other anti-ageing creams, most of which are simply focused on one core ingredient.

With Avinima anti-ageing cream your skin adsorbs exactly what it needs. The ingredients support one another and harmonize perfectly: your skin can take what it requires from the rich ingredients. 
Try Avinima now and enjoy pleasant and healthy skin.
You will love it!

       Avinima face care
Avinima face care exclusive 

The new 'click-lock' system

One click and the functional Avinima jar closes:
when you turn the lid and feel a little resistance, then hear a click, you know your anti-ageing cream is completely closed and protected.

Avinima protects your skin

Avinima protects your skinand does not damage it
– it is also free from artificial colours, crude oil and chemical additives.

Nature Relations selects high high quality and natural active ingredients. Therefore, in comparison to other products Avinima anti-ageing cream is rich and spreads generously over the skin - with no artificial preservatives.

Avinima is also perfect for Vegans and people with allergies! We guarantee that our products are skin-freindly:
no animal by-products, free from cheap filling material in combination with high quality active ingredients, makes Avinima anti-ageing a unique face care product.