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A revolutionary product on the anti-ageing market

Nature Relations GmbH, 1. May 2013 – The anti-ageing skincare range, 'Avinima' from Nature relations GmbH & Co. KG, is a absolutely unique product on the market!

When you are searching the current market for an anti-ageing solution, the choice is quite overwhelming. This means many customers are confused and end up listening to the opinions from shop assistants. Key words like 'Hyaluronic acid', Urea, and Shea butter accumulate. One price beats another – but from 300 € upwards even the devoted anti-ageing advocate questions what is inside that 50ml tube.

'Öko-tests', an independent German company that tests for quality, have shown that expensive does not always mean good.
In fact, they found the most expensive luxury cream became the lowest rating. Alarmingly, in this test they found substances that are suspected to be allergens and cancer causing by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

''The selected combination of 5 highly effective and complementary ingredients is the heart of Avinima. This provides our anti-ageing cream with a versatile repertoire where the skin can adsorb what is required, giving you the best possible results.
Despite the rich repertoire of ingredients, it was also very important for us to provide a reasonable price and that pregnant women and vegans could use it without any worries that the cream could be damaging'' - Mrs Wahl, 19.04.2013

In fact, the number of newborns that are born with dermatosis is rising.
It is often said that the consumer's lifestyle is responsible, such as cosmetic products used by the mother.
This is yet another reason to be more cautious and question what products we consume.

While Hyaloranan an Shea Butter are well know active ingredients, Nature Relations uses the lesser known Kigelia Africana and Aronia Berries. These components are the leading ingredients of new age cosmetic products and are also used in alleged health juices (Noni Saft etc).
Avinima is then completed by Argan Oil, or as cosmetic specialist would say 'liquid gold', due to its complex processing procedure where 30 kilos (that is the harvest from around 4-5 trees) produces only one litre. This oil is a great benefit for your skin, and therefore a jewel for Avinima skincare products.

This anti-ageing skincare ingredient is natural, a valuable and important aspect of Avinima products. Our creams are completely free from any cheap, potentially damaging filling material like paraffin, animal by-products or animal testing.

The skincare range 'Avinima' from Nature Relations consists of Avinima anti-ageing face cream in combination with Avinima eye contour cream, the perfect solution for youthful, radiant and soft skin.

Avinima products are available worldwide at: as well as selected cosmetic studios and wellness hotels.

We are curious to see what cosmetic revolutions Nature Relations GmbH & Co. KG will create next!