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This is where you will find the general answers to the most asked questions about Avinima cream and skincare products.


When I order for me and a friend do I receive an additional discount?

Yes - We are happy when we can please you and your friend! That is why we offer a small discount when you order together.
Group discount:


How long will it take for my Avinima cream to arrive?

Please be aware that when you choose to pay with advanced payment we will wait for money to arrive before we send your order.


What payment options are available?

  • International payment options include:
  • Paypal
  • Advanced payment


Is it possible to get a discount on Avinima products?

Yes! You can order with a friend, and receive a discount (see question 1). Or you recommend Avinima to a friend and receive up to 100% discount on an Avinima Exclusive cream when you place your next order.


I would like to send Avinima as a present – is that possible?

Yes. Simply contact us just before you place your order, or write your wish in the commentary area when you place your order.
The Avinima present can then be sent directly to you or your friend or family member.


I have very sensitive skin – is Avinima suitable for sensitive skin?

When Avinima recipe was being developed, volunteer testers included individuals with sensitive or irritable skin – Avinima is absolutely suitable for these people. Even people with allergies can use Avinima and are pleased with the results.


Ist Avinima auch für veganer geeignet?

Nature Relations verzichtet auf alle Arten von tierischen Inhaltsstoffen und ist selbstverständlich tierversuchsfrei und damit auch für Veganer geeignet.


Unique ingredients but still for a fair price - How is that possible?

Our goal was to make the price for Avinima fair enough so that a wide range of people can afford it. While this aspect was successful, we still maintain selected, high quality and highly concentrated active ingredients in our creams.


Can I used Avinima days and nights?

Yes – for the best effect we recommend applying Avinima more generously at night. This allows your skin to adsorb all its required nutrients while you sleep.


Can I use Avinima face care around my eyes?

Avinima eye care specially developed for the sensitive area around your eyes. This cream effectively provides the skin around your eyes with moisture and nutrients. We avoided using our natural lotus aroma oil for soft and gentle care.


I love the Avinima aroma – why doesn’t the eye cream have this smell?

The skin around the area is sensitive, that is why the eye care cream does not contain lotus oil aroma, making it softer for this sensitive skin.


The lid on my Avinima cream does not close properly – why?

One click and the Avinima jar is closed – that is how the Avinima jar design works.
The jar is closed properly (and your cream is protected) when you turn the lid to the point of resistance, and then hear a 'click'.


A jar with real Swarovski crystals and the click-design jar – am I mainly paying for the jar itself?

No – we pay a reasonable price for the Avinima jar due to the high quantity we order.
Of course we are happy to see our customers take advantage of this offer, that is why you receive a high quality product in an elegant design.


The Avinima cream spreads generously, so how long does one jar last?

This depends on how much and how often you use the product. When you use Avinima only for your face the cream may last up to 3 months.


Avinima contains a vast range of ingredients, do they work against each other?

No – Avinima was carefully developed with selected ingredients. These active ingredients complement each other and work in harmony. Therefore, your skin can adsorb the nutrients that it currently requires.


My skin feels great thanks to Avinima, is there a body lotion available for hands and neckline?

Not yet – we are working on developing a body lotion and intensive serum though. Simply register for our newsletter and we will inform you about current news and new products from Avinima. The newsletter will also tell you about current discounts and sales via email.


I tested Avinima on my hands, can I just use it as hand cream?

Yes of course. Face and the eye area tend to be the most sensitive regions of our outer skin, so you can use Avinima for your hands and neckline too.

Have we answered all your questions? Please contact us and we will answer all your questions personally.

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