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Cosmetics without animal testing of Nature Relations

Avinima vegan Anti Aging Creme of Nature Relations stands for much, but not for animal experiments:
  • The vegan flower shows: Avira is guaranteed vegan and free of animal testing

  • Avinima's natural cosmetics without chemical preservatives, parabens or paraffins

  • Natural raw materials guarantee high efficiency with optimum skin compatibility

  • You get your money back 100% if you are not 100% satisfied with Avinima within the first 3 months

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Product Reviews:  "Use the cream now for quite some time and am actually very happy with it. So a quality to the price is really unbeatable!" Katherina

Avinima - natural cosmetics without animal testing

Questions and answers on the subject of Cosmetic Animal Testing

Wer mit gutem Gewissen Anti-Aging-Produkte kaufen möchte, hat es oft schwer zu erkennen ob Kosmetika ohne Tierversuche hergestellt wurden oder nicht. Wir von Nature Relations möchten Ihnen einige häufig gestellte Fragen rund um das Thema Kosmetik und Tierversuche beantworten:

Is Avira animal test cosmetics?

Nature Relations has chosen in the preparation of Avinima for a vegan cosmetics without animal testing. You can be sure (in) our anti-aging products that neither ingredients nor the product itself has been tested on animals as a consumer. We also assure you that we such practices unfortunately provision not to China or to other countries where export.

Are animal experiments for cosmetics even legal?

In the European Union (EU) animals for the production of cosmetics have been banned since of 2003. This means that both the finished cosmetic products, as well as its ingredients can not be tested on animals. However, not prohibited the import of raw materials tested on animals, so some cosmetic companies are still indirectly involved in animal experiments or benefit. Nature Relations waived course entirely on the import of raw materials in connection with animal experiments.

Up to March 11, 2013, however, was also in the EU is still easily possible to sell products that have been tested on animals in third countries. Each national and international companies wishing to sell cosmetics in the EU, since the need to completely abandon animal testing on its products. German cosmetics manufacturers see since 1989 voluntary animal testing from.

Is the use of animal-free cosmetics dangerous?

Skeptics might wonder whether it is not now and then needed products to be tested on animals. However, it has been found more often that the reactions of animals can not be so projected to humans as hoped. Thus, in animal studies the risk held the misinterpretation and thus risks are not minimized but increases. New and advanced techniques make animal experiments become redundant and thus save millions of laboratory animals suffering and death.

Where animal tests because even allowed?

In addition to the countries in which to animals for cosmetics are still fully legal tests, there are unfortunately also states where cosmetics may only come on the market if it has been previously extensively tested on animals. This sounds to the European average consumer but quite frightening, so Nature Relations dispensed export to countries where animal experiments are required.

What are alternatives to animal testing?

Since 2006, methods alternatives for testing cosmetics on animals are accepted in the EU. These methods, in vitro (Latin for "in glass") called without an application to humans or animals and take place exclusively in the test tube. Even computer simulations can now be reliably used in research.

Our products have also been tested by animal test methods. In a later stage of development, a number of human volunteers may use the cream for a certain period. They document the changes in the skin and possibly occurring irritations.

These tests are carried out by special institutes and research facilities. The subjects were all very satisfied with their skin after the trial period.

Which corporations rely on animal testing?

There are few companies that admit they also in 2014 continue to perform animal tests. But who exactly about how many beauty products known manufacturers certainly in countries like China (where animal experiments are a prerequisite for the sale) can be sold to make a first impression.

A label such as "this product is not tested on animals" is actually very meaningful. Because that does not mean that at least came the ingredients on animals in contact. Organizations like PETA Tierschutzorganisaton regularly publish lists without animal experiments and their products and brands are not tested on animals and can also be purchased by vegans hesitation with companies. Nature Relations is also part of this list.

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If you opt for Nature Relations You get not only a particularly high-quality anti-aging skin care that is free of animal testing, our products are:

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