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Natural Anti Ageing – Enhanced to perfection

story of anti-ageingSoft skin: a lasting beauty ideal
Today, humans can reach an age like never before. Therefore, many people wish to preserve wonderfully soft and healthy skin using anti-ageing products.

Whether its porcelain-white skin, or summer brown, youthful immaculate skin has always been a beauty ideal through various cultures and history.

Ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Romans even used anti-ageing products. Anti-ageing recipes haven been discovered written on papyri from 2000 BC, where they mixed pastes and creams to care for their skin. According to some records Cleopatra bathed in donkey milk and rubbed honey on her skin. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals in her skin care regime, Cleopatra preserved her beauty even in these ancient times.

Perfect Anti-ageing with Nature Relations
Two of the most important principles of the Nature Relations products are the natural purity and richness of the ingredients. We use elements from the ancient recipes and, through anti-ageing research, develop them to perfection. Nature relations has discovered how to produce ideal anti-ageing creams such as Avinima and Avinima exclusive: the best indulgence for your skin to preserve a youthful complexion. Similar to mud and clay masks (used in ancient societies).

Discover Avinima face care now

Discover Avinima exclusive face care now