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Soft Skin: thanks to anti-ageing, with no wrinkles

Without wrinkles, there would probably not be any anti-ageing products. Therefore, in this section you will find the central information about anti-ageing products.

What are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are creases in the skin. The most common wrinkles occur on the forehead and occur from raising eye brows or frowning. However, those of us who laugh a lot will develop creases around the mouth. On the other hand, 'crows feet' are the fine lines that appear around your eyes.

How and when do wrinkles appear?

As young as 20 years of age the tone and elasticity of the skin begins to decrease.

Gradually, the skin becomes less efficient at absorbing vital nutrients and moisture, while cell renewal slows down. Skin thickness and the connective tissues also decrease, leaving wrinkles. These creases can initially be seen in places where, even as a child, the same facial expressions where made.

Avinima anti-ageing creams are active in exactly these areas and, thanks to outstanding ingredients, your skin begins to regenerate faster.

At what age do wrinkles appear?

As mentioned previously, at around 20 years of age your body begins to age. By around 30 years of age the first wrinkles can be visible. Wrinkles can also appear earlier, depending on your lifestyle, nutrition, and especially heredity can play a role. Of course there are also cases where wrinkles develop much later in life.

What can speed the ageing process of your skin?

In particular, stress can have a negative effect on your skin, just like pimples or rashes. Over time, an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking cigarettes or alcohol consumption, can act like poison for your skin. People who spend a lot of time in the sun or going to solarium also have higher chances of developing wrinkles earlier.

What type of wrinkles exist?

In Germany wrinkles that develop from facial movements are called 'mimische Falten' (mimic-wrinkles), 'dynamische Falten' (dynamic wrinkles) or 'Ausdrucksfalten' (expression wrinkles).

Wrinkles that appear due to environmental influences (sun, wind, cold temperatures) can be called age wrinkles or static wrinkles. How deep the wrinkles actually form depends on the depleting Hyaluronan in the skin.

The difference: Woman and Men

Woman and men's skin is different. Men have more of a hydrolipid film due to more blood vessels, sebaceous glands and sweat glands. The result is more efficient protection from environmental impacts and from drying out, this is why men normally develop wrinkles later in life.

However, men often neglect skin care until they are older. Perhaps it is viewed as 'unmanly' or simply is not significant as it is for women. On the other hand, maybe wrinkles can be viewed as making a man's face distinctive. So what can men do in terms of anti-ageing? Simple, men too can prevent wrinkles with special skin care products, that provide more moisture and less fatty components.

Anti-ageing: preventing wrinkles effectively...

With special anti-ageing creams, like those from Nature Relations, you can visibly reduce wrinkles. For the best results you can also follow these tips:

  • Beauty sleep: When you have sufficient sleep, you appear less run down
  • Drink plenty of fluids! Healthy drinks, especially water and unsweetened tea, provide your skin with moisture and a fresh complexion.
  • Consuming fresh food rich with vitamins fights the free radicals in your body, giving your skin a fine, clear complexion.

Important: Wrinkles are something natural, and completely wrinkle free skin is not possible. Nonetheless, anti-ageing creams do reduce wrinkles, making them look softer – such as Avinima face care.

Skin care for healthy skin with Avinima

The above beauty tips will help when you have already discovered some of your first creases or wrinkles. However, using creams will also support the prevention of wrinkles, providing your skin with the moisture and nutrients that it needs.

Our unique skin care products have a deep penetrating effect, this is only possible with Avinima cream. This effect is an absolute necessity – what is the point of using the best ingredients that simply produces a film on your outer skin pores?

For all the important ingredients and an ideal deep penetrating effect: Try Avinima skin care.

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Discover Avinima exclusive face care now